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Supercharging Document Processing
A study on how WitHub Transformed a SaaS Startup's Document Handling and Web Data Integration
Harsh BhartiFounder, WitHub
May 7, 2024
Case Study : Supercharging Document Processing
This case study explores how WitHub's data connectors significantly improved the document processing capabilities of a growth stage SaaS startup.
The Problem: Limited Document Handling Hindered Growth
The startup faced limitations in the variety of document formats their system could handle. This restricted the platform's usefulness for their growing user base.
The Challenge: Inaccurate Processing and Missed Opportunities
Specifically, the company struggled with accurately processing PDFs and Excel files. These processing errors hindered the effectiveness of their language processing applications (LLMs). Additionally, they needed to incorporate web scraping infrastructure, which would allow their users to directly use webpages content within their platform.
Implementation and Results: Enhanced Processing and Streamlined Development
The startup began their partnership with WitHub by integrating their technology to handle a wider range of file formats. This significantly improved how their platform managed and processed documents. Building on this success, we then went on to implement web scraping backend, allowing them to seamlessly integrate live web data into their platform.
The Outcome: A More Powerful and Versatile Platform
  • Diverse File Support: The company can now process a wider variety of file types, while greatly improving the reliability of document parsing, especially for PDFs and Excel files.
  • Web Scraping Capabilities: By integrating web scraping, the company can now fetch real-time data from the web, enriching the datasets used by their LLM applications.
  • Development Efficiency: WitHub's solutions integrated smoothly, saving the company significant time compared to developing these capabilities in-house.
Conclusion: A Strategic Partnership for Growth
WitHub's solutions have fundamentally transformed the company's document management capabilities. Their platform now supports a wider range of document types with high reliability and integrates dynamic web content directly. These advancements not only satisfy their current users but also position them to scale their offerings in the future. Partnering with WitHub was a strategic move that significantly boosted their platform's capabilities and market competitiveness.
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