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Streamline development and fast track launches of your generative AI apps with our managed RAG infrastructure and seamless data connectors
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Effortless Data Integration
Large language models thrive on clean, diverse data. But wrangling data from different sources is a pain. We make data integration seamless, so you can focus on building amazing things.100+ Apps & Services Supported - Connect seamlessly with all your data sources, no matter where they live.Automated Sync & Transformation - Eliminate manual work with automatic data syncing and cleaning. Get your data ready for AI in seconds.Granular Access Control & Security - Ensure data privacy and access with robust security features.
Performance Optimization
Optimize Performance at Scale
WitHub's managed Generative AI Infrastructure equips you with the tools you need to thrive. We provide the compute power, model optimization, and performance benchmarking to cost-effectively scale your AI offerings.Maximize ROI - Select the optimal model/hardware combination for your needs and budget.Seamless Model Switching - Effortlessly switch models with clear performance benchmarks.Elastic Scaling - Handle traffic spikes efficiently with automatic scaling without over-provisioning.
Rapid Deployment
Accelerate your Product Roadmap
Our Guided Go-To-Market solutions leverage deep domain expertise, automated data operations, and a collaborative partnership model. This winning combination allows you to rapidly launch and iterate on competitive Gen AI products.Accelerated Time to Market - Benefit from WitHub's expert guidance and launch your AI product ahead of schedule.Stay Ahead of the Curve - Navigate the ever-evolving Gen AI landscape with confidence.Focus on Core Innovation - Leave the complexities of data operations to us, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
Ship Faster with WitHubDevelop your next groundbreaking AI application in an afternoon. Simplify management, boost performance, and focus on what matters most.
Built with modern security foundations WitHub prioritizes security with a zero-trust approach and meets the highest industry standards. Choose WitHub and focus on innovation, not security worries.
Granular Access Control in LLM
Granular Access ControlsDefine who has access to your data and the level of access they have. Restrict access based on roles and responsibilities for maximum control.
withub is SOC-2 Compliant
SOC 2 CompliantOur commitment to robust security practices is demonstrably validated through our achievement of SOC 2 compliance. This rigorous audit verifies the effectiveness of our controls for managing customer data.
Secure Data Encryption
Secure Data EncryptionAll customer data is encrypted at rest with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules and AES 256-bit encryption. Data in transit is secured with TLS 1.2 or higher encryption standards.
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RAG Deep Dive: WitHub

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Retreival Augmented Generation

Demystifying RAG Technology. A Step-by-Step Breakdown

Powering Generative AI RockstarsWe are accelerating Generative AI's Biggest Milestones. Disruptors reveal their pathway to scale, speed and market domination powered by WitHub
"Integrating WitHub into our data pipeline was a game-changer. It seamlessly connected our disparate data sources, allowing our team to focus on innovation rather than data wrangling. The automatic data syncing and cleaning saved us countless hours, resulting in a 30% faster time-to-market for our AI-driven products."
Sarah M.CTO
"As a startup, speed and efficiency are critical. WitHub's guided go-to-market solutions provided the expertise and support we needed to launch our AI product ahead of schedule. Their robust data integration and security features gave us the confidence to scale quickly without worrying about compliance or data breaches."
Emily R.CEO
"WitHub's platform is a lifesaver for our tech team. We no longer have to worry about the complexities of data operations and model optimization. The seamless model switching and performance benchmarking tools allowed us to iterate and improve our product rapidly, leading to a 40% increase in user satisfaction."
Mark T.CTO
"Managing data from multiple sources was a major pain point for us until we found WitHub. Their automated data transformation and granular access controls ensured our data was always ready for AI applications. This not only improved our efficiency but also enhanced the accuracy of our predictive models."
Jessica H.Data Science Manager
"WitHub's expertise in data integration and model optimization has been invaluable. We can now integrate structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data seamlessly, allowing us to derive insights faster than ever before. Our decision-making process has improved significantly, thanks to WitHub."
Robert K.Chief Data Officer
"As a consulting firm, providing top-notch AI solutions to our clients is crucial. WitHub's managed services and infrastructure have allowed us to deliver projects faster and more efficiently. Their support team is always available, ensuring smooth deployments and happy clients."
Laura J.Managing Partner
Pricing that scales with you
StarterPay as you goPer deployment, billed monthlyFor your hobby projects
Daily SyncsAll developer featuresDeveloper supportUnlimited Data sources
Professional$500/moIncludes 200M tokens per deploymentEverything in starter, plus
Custom SyncLarge file supportSLAs50% discount on overages
EnterpriseContact usAnnual commitmentDeploy agents at scale
Self-managed deploymentFine-tuned acces controlEnterprise SLAsWhite-labellingImplementation Services
Ship Faster with WitHubDevelop your next groundbreaking AI application in an afternoon. Simplify management, boost performance, and focus on what matters most.

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