Built with security in mind.

WitHub is built from the ground up with processes surrounding security, privacy and compliance, from day one. We take your data seriously and are committed to protecting it.

is withub secure

Built with modern security foundations.

WitHub was developed following modern security principles, including a cloud-native architecture, the zero trust security model, strong authentication practices, the principle of least privilege, and the shift-left approach to incorporating security into design, development, and operations.

Security Overview

We take security very seriously here at WitHub. We know our customers trust us with their team's important data, and we use industry best practices to keep it secure.

Backups & Data Recovery

Everything stored on WitHub is backed up daily. We have tested our recovery procedures, and in the event of a data-loss we are able to restore from backup within an hour. We also allow you to export your WitHub content as HTML at any time, for additional peace of mind.

Encryption In Transit and At Rest

When using WitHub, all of your data is sent via HTTPS. That means your data (e.g. passwords) are encrypted so it can’t be intercepted by hackers. Both our primary database and all backups are encrypted. All communication across data centers is over SSL.

Hosting & Service Providers

We consider security as primary criteria when choosing service providers to work with. Our providers are SOC 2 certified. WitHub is hosted on Amazon Web Services. You can learn more about AWS's security here


Authentication to WitHub is handled via OAuth to Microsoft or Google. For accounts set up with email, we verify that email address belongs to you and store your password using the industry recommended hash function (bcrypt).

Access to Customer Data and Audit Policies

We have strict policies in place regarding WitHub employee access to data you store on WitHub. From time to time, certain employees may need to access customer data in order to diagnose and resolve issues. Whenever practical, we notify the customer and obtain written consent before doing so. We have granular audit logs in place to ensure that any access to customer data is logged.

Continuous Improvement

All new product features and internal processes are peer-reviewed and evaluated for their security impact before they are released to production. We strive to continuously monitor and improve our security practices in response to industry changes and customer feedback.

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