With our integration for Slack, search all your Slack messages in WitHub, and search WitHub within Slack
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Slack is a messaging app for businesses that brings people together to work as one unified team and transforms the way organizations communicate. The integration for Slack is a native connector by WitHub that allows users to search across all Slack messages in a permissions-enforced manner and adds a bot in Slack that can be used to search WitHub within Slack. The integration for Slack supports multiple workspaces. Learn more.


WitHub connects natively with Slack, so you can search across all of your Slack messages using WitHub search. The integration for Slack also includes a bot that can do the following:

  • - Provide a /withub command to search in WitHub within Slack
  • - Allow the ability to share a result directly in a conversation when searching for something using /withub
  • - Act as a bot in a “help” channel to automatically provide suggestions based on the message posted

Support teams can find answers to questions that have already been asked in Slack, reducing resolution times for tickets and improving customer satisfaction. Teams can find tribal knowledge about their systems that might be trapped in Slack conversations. Sales teams can find product information and older information about their accounts.